My article “Cash, carrots, and sticks: Open Access incentives for researchers” was recently published

This was published at F1000Research. ( They use a model with post-publication peer review, and if you are so inclined, you can review the article. After the reviews and recommendations come in, then I can make changes based on the feedback.


Each country, scholarly field and institution has developed responses to new scholarly communication systems, and those policies and responses influence the behavior of the scholars within those systems. Over the last couple of years, policy makers and stakeholders in the United Kingdom have thoroughly discussed open access issues. In July 2012, the Finch Report and the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Policy on open access were published. The RCUK, one of the major funding bodies for research in the UK, announced the availability of a new funding mechanism to help researchers at member institutions transition their sponsored work to open access sources. Because the author is more familiar with the scholarly communication situation in the United States, the author interviewed 16 people with international perspectives on scholarly communication issues. This article provides an overview of the discussions with those individuals.


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