Presentation on October 29th – Altmetrics at Altitude: Attaining Higher Ground

I am going to be giving a presentation at the Fall RMSLA Membership Meeting.  The meeting will be on Wednesday, October 29th.

Altmetrics at Altitude: Attaining Higher Ground

The term altmetrics was coined by Jason Priem back in 2010.  This is a new field that investigates the wide range of impacts that scholars, authors, researchers, and others contribute to the world.  In the past, researchers had been mostly interested in article level and journal level citation metrics, but that is changing as new measures are becoming available.  People contribute information products and knowledge sources in many ways and formats, and altmetrics can be “applied to people, journals, books, data sets, presentations, videos, source code repositories, web pages, etc.” (  The presenter, Joseph Kraus, has been following the development of altmetrics since January of 2011, and he will provide an overview of some of the resources, tools, and methodologies used by proponents of altmetrics.

The presentation is ready, and here it is below.


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