Presenting at ER&L in March of 2014

Marie Kennedy and I got a presentation accepted for the ER&L Conference in Austin, TX.

“Walking the Walk: Starting Up and Cultivating Two Different Open Access Journals in LIS.”

During this presentation you will hear from editors of two Open Access journals in library and information science. We will discuss lessons learned about marketing, financial support, and use of content from the older journal, Collaborative Librarianship, that have informed the development of the newer Journal of Creative Library Practice.

Abstract: The authors present an account of the founding, usage, marketing, and economic aspects for two different Open Access journals in the field of library and information science (LIS).  The two journals that will be discussed are the Journal of Creative Library Practice ( and Collaborative Librarianship ( The Journal of Creative Library Practice (JCLP) started in 2013 based on discussions held by the editors in 2012.  The co-authors of the presentation are two of the five founding editors.  JCLP uses WordPress as the platform, and the articles are licensed CC-BY.  The editors use Google Analytics to monitor usage, and it has had over 13,000 pageviews. Twitter is the main platform for advertising new content.  The budget of this journal is very small.

Collaborative Librarianship was founded in 2009 based on discussions held by the editors in 2007 and 2008.  This journal uses a locally hosted OJS implementation at the server of a consortia, but there is discussion to have the journal hosted at OJS.  The articles are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.  A variety of methods have been used to market the content.  This journal has more financial support than JCLP.  There have been over 150,000 article downloads from the journal server. Overall, Collaborative Librarianship has been around longer, and it has begun to establish a reputation, while the Journal of Creative Library Practice is a new entry to the LIS journal market.  We hope that JCLP will grow and expand over time as more readers and prospective authors learn about the journal.